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.biz $24.99 $24.99 $24.99
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domain management

Simple Domain Management

Simple domain management tools A full set of simple-to-use, robust domain management tools are at your disposal: Set up Dynamic DNS to keep your domain pointing to the same computer even when the IP address changes. Add and manage resource records:

Automatic Domain Renewal

Auto-renewal reduces the risk of a domain expiring by renewing the domain automatically within 30 days of expiration. When auto-renewal is turned on for a domain, we’ll attempt to renew it automatically prior to expiration.

domain renewal

support 24/7/365

Don't worry! We have support premium 24/7/365

There is no perfect technology, and there is no perfect web hosting company. Most significantly, there are no perfect web hosting customers. Things can and do go wrong, even with the best hosting plans. Good technical and customer support is one of the most important things to look for when choosing a web hosting company.

Advanced domain control made easy

You can manage all the aspects of your domain including DNS, Who Is, Domain and Email Forwarding, Privacy, EPP Code and more.

  • Easy Management
  • Multi SubDomain
  • Domain Lock
monitoring 24/7/365

Change DNS records through an easy-to-use Control Panel

Changing the DNS setting on your WebHostNoLimit control panel is simple. You just need to login to your control panel on your WebHostNoLimit account and access DNS Zone Editor section. In DNS Zone Editor, you will see DNS record types that you can edit, add and remove. The types of DNS records are:

monitoring 24/7/365

Register multiple Subdomains can be done in a matter of seconds

Subdomains act as an extension of your domain name to help organize and navigate to different sections of your website. You can also use a subdomain to send visitors to a completely different web address, like your social media page, or point to a specific IP address or directory within your account.

Take the example In this example, store is the subdomain, yoursite is the primary domain and .com is the top level domain (TLD). Use any text as your subdomain, but make sure it's easy to type and remember.

monitoring 24/7/365

Lock and Unlock it down to prevent unauthorized transfers

Domain locking is a security enhancement offered to prevent the Modification of the domain name including Transferring of the domain, Deletion of the domain name, Modification of the domain name contact details.
Domain’s can still be renewed even the domain is locked.

Frequently Asked Questions Hosting

We shown some of the frequently asked questions which are mostly arsied from many customers. Kindly have a looks and clarify your doubts here. Apart from this you have any doubts or quires with our services kinldy mail us. We are here to answer your all question regarding our services.

What is a domain name?
  • A domain name is the name of your website or your website address. It's the place where users will find you on the Internet and it's unique to you or your business. Each domain name is made up of two parts. For example, our own domain name is WEBHOSTNOLIMIT.COM, the first part is the name we chose 'WEBHOSTNOLIMIT' and the second part is the extension 'COM'. Before domain names, web addresses were made up of a long string of numbers.

What can I do with a domain name?
  • Your domain name is your unique identity. Domain names are used by businesses and individuals who plan on having an online presence. If you want to have a website or even a business email address, you need to have a domain name. This offers you the perfect stepping stone to start promoting yourself online and also protects you if you have a registered business and want to avoid anyone buying your matching domain.

How many domains can I host at WebHostNoLimit?
  • You would be able to host only one domain, which would be the primary domain for the account with WebHostNoLimit. Gold Package – Alongside the primary domain, you would have the ability to host 4 add-on domains for a total of 5 domain names. Platinum Package – With this plan, there would be no limit set by WebHostNoLimit for the amount of domains that you can host.

What domain should I buy?
  • Choosing the best possible domain name for your website is absolutely critical. Your domain name is something that deserves hours, if not days, of thought, and it’s no exaggeration to say that, in some circumstances, making the wrong choice can break a business. In short: Choosing a domain name is something every website owner needs to ensure they get right — ideally before they do anything else, and ESPECIALLY if the website will be serving a commercial purpose. when searching domain on WebHostNoLimit we will suggest you more ideas to suit your business.